Our Story

Avant Outdoor Advertising (AOA) has been in business in Southern California, since 2005.  We are a growing, owner-operator of outdoor advertising products.   AOA was created because we believe Out-Of-Home (OOH) offers advertisers both tangible and intangible value in the form of lifting sales and increasing brand awareness, respectively.  Furthermore, we identified a need in the marketplace for a more personable, highly responsive and flexible OOH provider.

We know it works and can provide case studies spanning the spectrum of business types and sizes from global brands, such as McDonalds to small businesses, like your neighborhood flower shop.  As reported, in the Nielsen OOH Advertising Study 2019 Edition “39% (of travelers) noticed a directional OOH ad, 20% of OOH viewers visited (in-store) immediately after seeing the ad, and 74% of those visitors made a purchase.”  Also, “90% of U.S. residents age 16 or older noticed some form of OOH advertising in the past month, 80% noticed ads in the past week.”  

AOA has access to any and all outdoor advertising products from coast-to-coast and overseas.  AOA can partner with other outdoor advertising companies and when necessary multiple ones at the same time to provide a complete OOH campaign package for our clients.  AOA are Southern California experts, but with successful outdoor advertising campaign experience throughout the U.S.  AOA also sells airport, rail, digital displays and mall advertising products.